MDM - OracleXE, XADataSource, cannot get a Connection


Error while loggin onto MIDM - failed to obtain/create connection from connection pool [ PersonPool ]. Reason : javax.transaction.SystemException|

Did you happen to find a solution to this problem? I am experiencing the same behaviour. I found setting the NativeXA flag in the GlassFish container to true took away this exception. I am not 100% sure why.

This might help - I grabbed this from Oracles JDBC Developers Guide and ref book:

In general, XA commands can be sent to the server in the following ways:

■ Through PL/SQL procedures. However, this method is very slow.
■ Through native APIs. This method is faster than using PL/SQL procedures.

There is a huge performance difference between the two methods of sending XA commands to the server. The use of native APIs provides high performance gains as compared to the use of PL/SQL procedures.

Prior to Oracle Database 10g, the Thin driver used PL/SQL procedures to send XA
commands to the server because Thin native APIs were not available. In Oracle
Database 10g, the Thin native APIs are available and are used by default to send XA commands.

So I guess setting this flag uses native API's to send XA commands to the server as opposed to PL/SQL procedures. So using the native API it doesn't have a problem but the PL/SQL procedures it does?

I will explore what that means as I am not an Oracle expert