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(The Mosque Where Baba Lived)

The mosque where Baba lived is planned by Him in such a way it explains what message Baba wants to communicate to His disciple or devotee.

When a devotee enters Dwarakamayee, he first goes to the stone on which Baba used to sit and sits before it, bends his head and puts it on the surface of the stone with reverence for blessings of Sai. This appears to the witnesses that the devotee is offering himself as a sacrificial goat before Baba. This means one is sacrificing his Ego and all evil thoughts before Baba while bending his head before Him on the stone.

Then the devotee turns to enter the Mosque. There the devotee finds a slab in the shape of a tortoise. The tortoise is famous for its quotation often in spiritual thinking. It won't stretch its body outside the shell unnecessarily. So also the devotee should withdraw his internal organs (Indriyas) from outside and be submissive when the devotee wants to enter the abode of his Guru. Then he will be eligible to enter.

Sri Sai Baba in Dwaraka Mayee will exhibit the five elements which are the constituents of this whole nature to the devotee. They are (1) Agni in Dhuni, (2) Water in the pots, (3) Air and (4) Space in the Mosque and (5) the Earth . This is Dwaraka Mayee or Prakriti. He Himself is Purusha, the Lord of the Universe.

Sri Sai asks the devotee to satisfy first the Prakriti ie; Maya so that one can witness the Lord. Where Maya gives way we can see the Lord Face to Face. How to appease this Maya or Dwaraka Mayee? Baba wants you to do parayan (reading of His stories), do nama japa, put coconuts in Dhuni and Dakshina (coins) as charity. He said that Dwaraka Mayee is "Aayee" ie; Mother, protects all His children who rests on her lap. It bestows all wants of a devotee and is kind to each and everyone. He farther said that He asks dakshina only from those who are due to His Dwaraka Mayee. This completes our surrender. Then this maya directs one to prostrate before Sri Sai Baba who is seated in a corner, witnessing all the drama one does. Really God is only a witness to all and He is the bestower of Moksha or liberation.

All we have to do is to surrender our ego completely to Sri Sai and get His blessings for final liberation.